Winter tires or snow chains, such as fines for those who fail

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From fines to road murder, the risks of those who are not traveling safely are many and costly…

With the road made slippery by rain or snow, precarious visibility and unfavorable weather conditions, the first reason for respecting the “winter signs” is simple: avoiding lane exits and accidents, even serious ones. But the other valid reason to scrupulously observe the signs is to stay away from fines, preserving wallets and license points. Not only that: beyond the minutes of the Highway Code, in certain situations the Criminal Code can also come into play, to be precise the crime of homicide and road injuries, introduced in March 2010 to limit the heaviest accidents …

A trio in crescendo

1 – Obligation of winter tires or snow chains: first fine. The classic blue round signal with the rubber chain requires you to travel, from that point, with winter tires or, alternatively, with mounted snow chains. In the city, the fine is 41 euros, but these are very rare cases. This is stated in Article 7 of the Highway Code, which concerns the “Regulation of traffic in built-up areas. Outside the city, the report is 85 euros: this is by far the most frequent situation (Article 6). In fact, the owner of the road may “require that vehicles be equipped with or have non-slip vehicles on board or winter tires suitable for driving on snow or ice”. Instead, the rectangular sign that requires winter tires or, alternatively, snow chains on board is generally found outside the city: a fine of 85 euros for those who do not respect it. Rule introduced in 2010, with law 120.

2 – Winter equipment: second fine. After getting a first fine outside the city, it is necessary to have winter tires or snow chains: only in this case, you can continue. On the other hand, those who insist on traveling not up to standard, and are stopped for a second time by the police, suffer another fine: 85 euros and a 3-point cut in the driving license. It is clear that the same reasoning made after the first fine applies: in order to circulate, one must equip oneself with winter equipment. In general, keep in mind the provisions of article 192 of the Highway Code: the police may “order the driver of a vehicle not to continue driving, if the visual signaling and lighting devices or the tires show defects or irregularities such as to cause serious danger to one’s own safety and that of others, also taking into account weather or road conditions “.

3 – Accident with physical injuries: attention. The case to be analyzed is simple and at the same time disturbing: anyone who does not comply with the obligation of winter equipment and causes an accident with injuries to the other driver (or to a pedestrian or any other road user) who can be cured in more than 40 days, can be tried for the crime of murder and road injury. First of all, the Prefect orders the immediate withdrawal of the license; after that, the judge will decide whether to suspend the driving license for up to 5 years.

Accident: the malus Rca is certain
Finally, there is a third reason to have winter tires or snow chains where mandatory: to prevent accidents to protect the third party liability insurance policy. In fact, if an accident occurs, your company will compensate the damage to the other driver; and at the expiry of the annual Rca, the malus will trigger, with the worsening of the merit class and a very heavy tariff increase. And, if you lend the car, the situation does not change: the owner of the vehicle will suffer an increase in the RCA rate in the event of an accident.