Tires and retreaded tires for your 4X4 off-road vehicle

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Why choose to fit a Mario Ziarelli tire?

Because my family and I have been rebuilding tires for more than 60 years and we can say that our “Experience” is based on small details that, day after day, test after test, have developed in us that knowledge that allows us to have a tire. safe and with high performance.

What guarantees from a retreaded tire?

We are the first users of our tires, we test them in mud, off-road and in all the most extreme conditions; in addition to performance, our first attention is to “SAFETY”. Attention to the production phase is scrupulous, both my brother and I personally follow the production, from the research of the stock, to all the phases of rubber reconstruction, up to the test before putting it on the road. We also offer a one-year tire warranty and insure our tire against any eventuality to offer our customers safety in all off-road conditions.

Why do you call yourself ecologists?

Because rebuilding a tire means “Recycling”, it means recovering the tires that are destroyed, therefore it means paying attention to the environment. By rebuilding a tire we are doing good to the planet.

Why are you a leader in the off-road sector?

Because our tires, in addition to being safe, have those differentiating characteristics for every type of situation, to face the most extreme conditions.
Since we are the first users, we have understood what are the characteristics necessary to get the best performance from our tires.
We have designed our treads for each use; mud, gravel, stones and all the more treacherous surfaces. This is thanks to the use of 30% more cleats than all competing tires. In addition, on the more “extreme” models, the cleats extend beyond the shoulder of the tire, forming “vanes” that maximize lateral traction.

We can sum up that our experience is a guarantee of high performance safety, for retreaded tires for 4×4 off-road vehicles.

For more information we are available as well as inviting you to our headquarters in Bastia Umbra.