About Us

Why choose Mario Ziarelli Rebuilding Tires?

Family company that for sixty years rebuilds high quality tires with the aim of ensuring maximum performance and maximum safety to its customers.


Our long history is a witness to our seriousness and reliability, we are the specialists of the tires rebuilt since 1957!

The tire reconstruction belongs to the manufacturing industry and plays an important role in the ecological and economic field.
Using the tire casings, the reconstruction process exploits the potential residual value of these and, through high-tech processing processes, restores the functionality of the used tire making it available again for safe use.
In this regard, the reconstruction of tires is classified among the recycling industries as it significantly reduces the number of new tires and delays their disposal as waste.

In fact the economic commissions of both the EEC and the UN have defined the reconstruction of tires: “one of the most convenient systems to delay the disposal coefficients with consequent energy recovery for the industry”.

The client in the first floor

An internal team dedicated to customer assistance both in the pre-purchase phase and in the post-purchase phase in the resolution of any problems.